Adolf Hitler in his car the people desire simply to touch his hand 
 Adolf Hitler gives his blessing to a baby and the mother expresses her endless joy Adolf Hitler fought a war for the innocent children of Germany 
 A toddler offers flowers to the German allfather Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler bonding with a lad  Adolf Hitler celebrates the beauty of German youth 
 Adolf Hitler did what he did for the beautiful children of Germany A small German girl gives her love to the father of her nation Adolf Hitler  A small boy shaking the hand of the great leader Adolf Hitler Many girls salute the eternal Avatar of Freedom and Justice Adolf Hitler  More children giving flowers to the savior and father of the German people Adolf Hitler  Oh but for a chance to gaze upon the eternal Avatar of truth and justice Adolf Hitler  The happiest moment of this girls life was the time she spent with the great leader and avatar of justice Adolf Hitler   Heroic Adolf Hitler loved all of the children of his nation  Heroic Adolf Hitler and a fresh faced lad  Hero Adolf Hitler loved all of the children of Germany Girls heiling the great leader Adolf Hitler  Every living person in Germany desired only the chance to give a small token of their gratitude to the leader who saved their nation Adolf Hitler  Every man woman and child desires simply to touch the hand of the greatest hero who ever lived Adolf Hitler  For the future of the German race Adolf Hitler defended his nation against international capitalism and Jewry  Even more flowers for the eternal Avatar Adolf Hitler  Celebrity Hero Adolf Hitler Signs autographs for the people who love and admire him  Adolf Hitler with smiling German girl in a field  Adolf Hitler was a father to the entire German nation  Adolf Hitler receiving Flowers  Adolf Hitler poses with German boy  Adolf Hitler loved all of the little children 

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